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Home - Travel for drivers with mobility challenges

Welcome Mobility Travelers

Don’t miss the fall colors …

Time for a roadtrip!

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Sky's The Limit

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A Closer Look

Roadside Assistance That Won't Leave you Stranded

Now there is a roadside assistance program that will pick up you, your mobility equipment and your passengers

Get Your Free Road Warrior Guide

Are you planning a roadtrip? Whether it just a local trip or across the country, pick up our FREE “Road Warrior Guide”.

Add Paratransit To Your Current Tow Membership

Did you know you can add paratransit coverage to any tow program whether it’s through a club or your insurance?

Don’t Let A Roadside Incidence Leave You Stranded

Basic Roadside With Paratransit

Ultra Plus Basic™ was designed for households with just 1 car. Coverage is for you , your equipment and your passengers and includes paratransit coverage.

Family Roadside With Paratransit

Ultra Plus Family™ was designed for multi car households. Coverage includes towing and paratransit coverage for you, your equipment and passengers. Covers up to 3 vehicles. 

Paratransit Add-On For Towing

Ultra Plus Paratransit™ was designed for individuals that are mobility impaired and would have difficulty climbing into a tow truck. 

Statistics (In Thousands) of US Citizens Struggling With Disability Issues 

US Citizens 65 + With Disabilities

US Citizens In Wheelchairs

US Veterans With Disabilities

Total US Citizens With Disabilities

Paratransit For You, Your Equipment And Your Passengers

Now you have access to paratransit coverage no matter what vehicle you travel in. Not only that but it covers you, your adaptive equipment and your passengers anywhere in the US or Canada.

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Paratransit Assistance With Towing Anywhere in US or Canada

Towing is not enough when you are someone with mobility challenges. Now you can have towing and paratransit assistance when you need them. Never get stranded on the side of the road.

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Core Benefits

Paratransit Assistance

Paratransit Assistance
Paratransit will be provided to the occupants of your disabled vehicle. Transportation benefit includes 25-mile distance without charge.


Towing Assistance (up to 100 miles)
When your vehicle is disabled as a result of a covered breakdown, we will arrange to have it towed to the closest authorized service center.

Technical Assistance

Lift and Ramp Service 
Ramp having problems and need assistance, we’ll dispatch and coordinate technical assistance to help you.

Wheelchair/Scooter Assistance

If you are away from home and your wheelchair or scooter stops working we will coordinate and dispatch a qualified technician to assist you.

Tire Hazzard | Repair or Replace

Experience a flat tire caused by a road hazard, we’ll pay to repair the damaged tire or replace it with a brand-new one.

Additional Benefits

Of course there are still all of the standard benefits like flat tire, fuel, lockout but also includes a collision reimbursement benefit.