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Packing For A Roadtrip?

Packing For A Roadtrip?

Packing Your Car For A Road Trip

Inside Your Vehicle


Cold Food

Pack a Cooler so you can have some cold food and beverages on hand for the trip. This is good for convenience as well as saving you money and time. There are several ways you can go here. You can take a cooler and pack it with ice or you can get one that plugs into your car.

I thought this one by CleverMade was ideal since it will flatten down to under 3” when not in use … CleverMade SnapBasket Collapsible Soft-Sided 50 Can Cooler, 30 Liter

Hot Food

If you want to take hot beverages or want to pick up some hot food items for on the road and eat later, get a reusable “Hot Cold” bag. An example of this can be found on Amazon Insulated Bag | Thermal Bag | Hot Cold Bag

Pay Attention To Your Body

When traveling, hydration and constipation can be a problem. Be sure to pack lots of water or drinks with electrolytes and some dried fruit. Everyone has their remedies but it couldn’t hurt to take along some high-fiber cookies or something with some Magnesium hydroxide to prevent discomfort.

Travel Toilet Aid

In my research I found a lot of different toilet aids and it comes down to what your particular need is. I found a great deal by searching the following terms in the search box on Amazon.com and Google.com;

“travel toilet aid”
“compact folding easy wipe toilet aid”

In Case of Emergency!

Google definition of an emergency;

a serious, unexpected, and often dangerous situation requiring immediate action.

By definition an emergency is a “dangerous situation requiring immediate action”. That means you will need to be prepared for the “sudden and unexpected”. In your car you need to have emergency supplies for the most likely situations you will have on the road.

According to our research, the most likely emergencies can be avoided by being cautious and having on hand some simple and basic supplies.

Accident Avoidance
an unfortunate incident that happens unexpectedly and unintentionally, typically resulting in damage or injury.

Some of this may sound like common sense but the important thing is not to how important it is not to overlook any one of these things.

According to studies and the attorneys that litigate these cases, be sure to do the following;

  • Take extra caution when driving. This will easily avoid the most common situations. We’ll assume you are already a good driver so we won’t talk about your driving. What we are more concerned about are the other drivers. The light runners, tailgaters, speeders, sudden lane changers, phone users (including texters) and so many others.
  • Keep a vigilant eye out for these drivers because they aren’t looking out for you. Leave lots of room between you and your fellow drivers. I know what we are about to suggest will sound like a “Sunday driver” but we feel safety for road warriors is essential to a great experience on the road.

The best way to avoid an accident is to be aware of the primary reasons people get into accidents and then plan for ways to avoid them.

Let me share a little story … Once upon a time … I was out driving with a friends nephew who was a new driver and we were on the freeway during rush hour. Traffic was starting to pile up and I wasn’t sure he was paying enough attention so I started working out “what if” situations in my head. Moments later, traffic completely stopped and we were moving too fast to avoid a collision. Since I had already worked out what we should do, without batting and eye I grabbed the wheel and yanked it to the left as he slammed on the breaks and we stopped on the shoulder half way past the car in front of us.

If I had to envision what I would do before this happened, I would have had to think it up and that valuable lost time would have created an accident that I could have avoided. I am convinced we would have slammed into that car that was in front of us, more than likely totaling both of our vehicles and possibly causing serious injuries.

Consumer Reports, a non profit consumer organization, put out a great article on this called 6 ways to avoid a car accident. Simple steps to stay out of trouble.

Geico, the 3rd largest auto insurer in the United States, wrote an article titled Top Ten Tips To Avoid An Accident

WikiHow.com even put together an 11 step, illustrated guide to avoiding an accident.

In my research I find lots of products and information. Including a pearl of a report on the most common causes of an accident on the website of the Law Offices of Michael Pines, APC out of San Diego, California.

I would suggest reading all of these articles since they all contain. The article takes you through ways you can create accident avoidance strategies for when you are out on the road. You can read the article here Top 25 Causes of Car Accidents.